You may have heard media stories criticising bottled water and its impact on the environment. These stories focused on the standard 600ml PET water bottle and that it requires energy to produce and transport, and that these small plastic bottles are not always recycled, sometimes winding up in with general waste. These views however ignore the overwhelming health benefits that bottled water brings when drunk instead of bottled fizzy soft drinks etc. It’s indeed hard to swallow that these fizzy drinks come in the same type of bottle but don’t recieve the same environmental scrutiny, go figure.


The facts are that the Aqua To Go 12L bottle has a relatively much smaller environmental footprint than a 600ml bottle, and it is too large to cart around and dump. It’s size means that it will be consumed in the office or home and when finished with it can be crushed and placed in the recycling bin – its 100% recyclable!

Plus as you might have read, unlike the common blue polycarbonate water cooler bottle the Aqua To Go bottle is BPA Free.