What’s BPA? Why is it Harmful?

The Aqua To Go bottle is BPA Free

Have you seen the media reports about the dangers of BPA?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic tough and durable, so that these containers can be reused and refilled. The common blue water cooler bottle contains BPA (see the #7 on its base) and also has associated reuse and refill risks i.e. was it cleaned properly between refills and what did the previous customer put in it?

Water bottles that are made with BPA, leach low doses of this chemical into the water. This leaching effect is further exacerbated by the wear and tear on the plastic caused by reuse and the cleaning of these bottles. 

Scientific research shows that BPA interrupts the normal functioning of the bodies endocrine system. Scientific evidence is mounting almost by the day and so is the list of potential harms caused by BPA. BPA has been linked to cancer, heart disease, infertility and diabetes. It has been banned for use in some products in some countries. From July 2010 the Australian Government has been working with Australian retailers to remove from sale baby bottles that contain BPA.

Do your own research and ask a trusted health professional their opinion:

  1. Today Show Australia Dr Ross Walker warns against BPA bottles (July 2010)
  2. Google search BPA Health Risks. You’ll find over 2 million articles!
  3. Harvard School of Public Health BPA Report 2009 “We found that drinking cold liquids from polycarbonate bottles for just one week increased urinary BPA levels by more than two-thirds”.
  4. Or watch this 2007 video. Yes, we have known that BPA is a health concern for a long time.
  5. BPA the ultimate Secret Exposed Video (July 2010)

Water Cooler Bottles that contain BPA are legal in Australia, complying with current Australian standards.

It is argued that as only a low dose of BPA leaches from these types of bottles, there should not be a significant health concern. Our attitude at Aqua To Go is that if you can avoid consuming even small doses of a dangerous chemical, why wouldn’t you?

Go BPA Free. The Aqua To Go bottle is BPA Free plus hygienically it’s a single use bottle. Not only do we believe that¬† AquaToGo is the healthier choice, it’s also 100% recyclable – when finished just crush and place it in your recycle bin.

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